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Privacy Policy

Last updated July 26, 2016

We have fun working at Nugget because for customers, e-commerce is a super convenient way to buy a couch. It should be super safe and secure too. We don't collect or store your personal information without telling you, nor do we sell information to any other companies.

There are just two situations in which we do ask for your information: during newsletter signup and during checkout. If you do provide your email to be added to our newsletter, we will keep your email address on file. During checkout we will collect credit card information for processing, but none of that information is stored post-purchase. Your purchases are conducted through a secure SSL certified Stripe-powered checkout.

If you email us directly at or any other email address, you will not be automatically added to any newsletter or email subscription without your consent. No one enjoys spam, so we don't send any your way.

People like you love Nugget.

Reviews monster
Erik G. Cary, NC

I bought them and brought them home as Christmas gifts, and my wife called it “the best thing I’d done in a long time.” I was about as happy as the kids when they popped them out of the boxes! They use the pillows to bounce around and “horse race” each other. They do gymnastic moves and build forts that I couldn’t think up myself. Then they switch off every night getting to bring a Nugget to their rooms to sleep on – been going on for months! It would be the most comfortable couch if it was just a couch, and it’d be the most fun toy if it was just for playing. But it’s all of the above.

Couch thumb1
Used by many kids copy 2 Used by: three kids, ages 1-7
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Yasmeen K. Durham, NC

I got two because I like them so much that I wanted to keep them in my living room, and so my older guests would be comfortable sitting higher. I rearrange them all the time to keep the room layout fresh. They are really fun pieces to have that keep the room feeling lively.

Couch thumb30
Used by two adults Used by: adults
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Emily B. Durham, NC

Nugget arrived on our doorstep yesterday and I can’t express how happy it made my son and daughter. They were so excited to open it up and follow the neat treasure map on the packaging to find “X marks the pull tab” and tear it open and watch it pop out immediately, and they put it together right away! Really made their day – they love it!

Couch thumb24
Used by many kids copy 2 Used by: two kids, ages 7 and 9
Saleem R. Durham, NC

Nugget is an insane slam dunk. Nugget as a stage, Nugget as a slide, just a couple of the gazillion absurd uses I come home to. And the mail truck…my son puts the Nugget pieces in formation and gets some mail and throws it in the air yelling that he’s making deliveries. Yeah, about once a week.

Couch thumb3
Used by 1 kid Used by: one kid, age 3
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Carrie M. Jacksons Point, Ontario, Canada

My kiddo asked if she could have the Nugget in her bedroom – she likes it a lot. But the answer was no… because I like to use it hammock-style for reading! Lol. And kiddo lost her mind when we opened it up and watched it poof out so quickly in front of us. This is pretty incredible!

Couch thumb25
Used by 1 kid Used by: one kid, age 5
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Anissa T. Tuscaloosa, AL

We get asked about the couch we got the kids. It was designed by guys at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – their story is pretty amazing! They were looking for a much better alternative to the bean bags and futons that fall apart after only a year. I have to be honest – we LOVE it! It’s comfy, it’s versatile, it’s perfect for the game room! We were looking at several options, including things from IKEA – but this Nugget couldn’t be more perfect.

Couch thumb19
Used by many kids copy 2 Used by: two kids, ages 11 and 13
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Charles M. Chapel Hill, NC

Our media room rocks six Nuggets! Great product. My son reconfigures them all the time. They are part furniture, part play apparatus.

Couch thumb16
Used by many kids copy 2 Used by: whole family
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Kim H. Atlanta, GA

Three preteen boys walked all over it with muddy feet… I let the mud dry, and used a scrub brush and it all brushed and vacuumed off! Thanks! Looks like it will hold up nicely to 5th grade boys. It’s in the basement playroom where they run in and out of the backyard.

Couch thumb4
Used by many kids copy 2 Used by: three kids, ages 12-14
Tyler H. Chapel Hill, NC

My 10-year-old son LOVES his Nugget! He says he wants to become the official spokesperson for Nugget and has made a video with his sister on how versatile the Nugget is……..I explained that Nugget probably was doing a fine job of speaking for their product, but he’d have none of it! He has created 12 different configurations and has been switching between his bed and the Nugget for sleeping. It helped make such a great Christmas!

Couch thumb8
Used by many kids copy 2 Used by: one kid, age 10
Natalie H. Durham, NC

I am a Lower School Librarian, and I planned a huge renovation of the library space – meeting with architects and designers and thinking about how to outfit our library to be a comfortable, multi-functional space for our first through fourth grade kiddos…and first learning about Nugget made my day! A boy came up to me, so excited to share what he just got at home – a Nugget! “A nugget? Huh? Like a chicken nugget? A golden nugget? Um?” But then he described to me this versatile, flexible, cozy piece of furniture. Nuggets were an instant hit here, and have been a great fit with our students who love to move and curl up in odd corners and spaces. Our Head Teacher now says we need one in every classroom, at least. It’s so refreshing to see creativity in action – thanks for sharing the Nugget magic!

Couch thumb9
Used by many kids copy 2 Used by: elementary school library
Pete G. Maumee, OH

So far, my kids have used their Nuggets for everything BUT a couch. LOL!

Couch thumb11
Used by many kids copy 2 Used by: two kids, ages 9 and 13
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Ellen E. Dunwoody, GA

My daughter loves it! She has slept on it all but 2 nights since we received it two weeks ago. I can’t wait for my turn to sleep on it! Incidentally, the lime works so well with the colors on her comforter and in her room. We put a Nugget pillow on her regular bed as a reading pillow, perfect!

Couch thumb12
Used by 1 kid Used by: one kid, age 11
Mimi V. Atlanta, GA

The kids love it. They and several of their friends use it all the time, and sleep on it. They only wish we had a pink and blue one too – one for each of them!

Couch thumb13
Used by many kids copy 2 Used by: three kids, ages 7-13
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Nicole B. Sandy Springs, GA

The Nugget is awesome in the playroom. My daughter pulled it to her room for her sleepover. And she chose to sleep on it! And movie nights are extra fun now.

Couch thumb14
Used by many kids copy 2 Used by: two kids, ages 6 and 9
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Caitlin K. Hayward, CA

It fits perfectly in the small space I had for a lounging/reading area in my home office, and I really couldn’t be more pleased. My co-worker recommended the Nugget to me after he got one and I complained about my fruitless search for a decent, comfortable futon, and now we have matching couches!

Couch thumb15
Used by 1 adult Used by: one adult
Scott P. Raleigh, NC

My kids love the Nuggets. My 8-year-old boy has stress tested the hell out of it. Honestly, I’m shocked that they’ve held up without a single tear or permanent disfigurement. I am being brutally honest when I say that. He is constantly building forts out of them and jumping on them daily. I’ll probably be buying another one soon. LOVE the product. LOVE the company. LOVE the messaging/culture.

Couch thumb10
Used by many kids copy 2 Used by: two kids, ages 8 and 10
Ken G. Portland, OR

In the office, the Nugget is the mid-afternoon refueling station for myself and my group – not to mention being one of the hour-long-conference-call coping mechanisms!

Couch thumb17
Used by two adults Used by: adults
Jeff O. Blowing Rock, NC

My teenage kids love the Nuggets. They fit perfectly in our small loft area where the kids hang out. In fact, they now refer to the loft as “the lounge.”

Couch thumb18
Used by many kids copy 2 Used by: two kids, ages 15 and 17
Danvers F. Raleigh, NC

We thought we just bought a couch for the kids. It was actually an engineering education! The safest and most comfortable one at that.

Couch thumb2
Used by many kids copy 2 Used by: two kids, ages 7 & 9
Suzanne L. New Orleans, LA

At the price point, and portability, there is nothing on the market even remotely as affordable or interesting.

Couch thumb20
Used by 1 adult Used by: adult
James L. Dallas, TX

I am so happy with the Nugget…my wife fights to get me off this thing!

Couch thumb21
Used by two adults Used by: adults
Cindy B. Virginia Beach, VA

My grandson hasn’t slept in his own bed since his “Chicken Nugget” sofa arrived. Yesterday he said, “Nana, we need another one since everyone sleeps on mine.” Oy vey.

Couch thumb22
Used by 1 kid Used by: one kid, age 7
Alyson H. Carrboro, NC

The day we got it, it provided hours of good fun for my son. LOVE the colors and of course the design. I wish we had videotaped him opening it – he was so thrilled.

Couch thumb26
Used by 1 kid Used by: one kid, age 10
Mike B. New York, NY

As for the Nugget itself, I can’t really speak to how I like it, because my kids won’t get off it! They are thoroughly enjoying it not only as a couch, but it makes a mean fort as well. I’m getting another right away.

Couch thumb6
Used by many kids copy 2 Used by: two kids, ages 9 and 11
Joseph G. Denver, CO

I hated our last couch and almost every other one I’ve seen. I’d been designing one in my head for about 2 years, but the Nugget just saved me a bunch of work I don’t have time for. I love the flexibility in configuration. And my kids (all 8 plus one due in March) literally destroy stuff through normal use so I really love this thing’s durability! It also shouldn’t go unsaid that the Nugget was approved by the interior design department (aka my wife), so that’s big!

Couch thumb7
Used by many kids copy 2 Used by: eight kids, ages 1-12
Rachel H. Raleigh, NC

We bought a Nugget for our Little One’s room and LOVE it so much I had to share! It’s completely manufactured and shipped straight out of Durham, NC and we love supporting local businesses. I wanted to wait a while before sharing to be sure it was living up to our expectations… and it has! Totally 100% designed with kids in mind: the pieces move around (you can use it loads of different ways), it’s comfortable, light-weight, and (best of all for moms!) the fabric zips off of every piece for easy cleaning. The box even came with a treasure map on it – they think of everything, haha.

Couch thumb27
Used by 1 kid Used by: one kid, age 2
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Nancie G. Raleigh, NC

We LOVE it! We have it in our bonus room which has limited space due to the ping pong table. The kids sit on it when they play Wii games - unless they are playing Wii “Just Dance” - when they move it out of their way and up against a wall. You can’t easily do that with a futon! Also – even though they are both 14, they still make forts out of it once in a while. Honestly though, the thing that impresses me the most is the company! Creativity is so important and it tends to get squashed instead of encouraged, especially as kids get older. Nugget is the total package...a fun brand that produces something so great, so well, and seems to care about the customer loving and using the product to the fullest.

Couch thumb5
Used by many kids copy 2 Used by: two kids, age 14
Mutuk K. Apex, NC

My daughter (and the rest of the family) is absolutely loving the Nugget. Usually it’s where the kids do their homework and music practices. My 8 y/o son is already calling for an all-out “Nugget war.” Barring few rooms, the Nugget has traveled to every part of the house. Nugget company rocks!

Couch thumb23
Used by many kids copy 2 Used by: whole family
Heather W. Raleigh, NC

We love this couch! Thank you to the mom that posted in my Raleigh Moms Facebook group! We needed something to replace the rocker/recliner in my Little One’s room, and the Nugget is perfect! It’s so nice to have something that encourages him to play all around while I don’t worry for a second because it’s all foam with soft corners and supportive cushioning and all. It is made in NC. I went to pick up the Nugget myself, and the manufacturing warehouse is fascinating and impressive, and we met the team behind the Nugget and they’re great! It was really fun.

Couch thumb28
Used by 1 kid Used by: one kid, age 4
Kate O. Cary, NC

It’s embarrassing to say, but my son sleeps on it every night instead of his bed! It’s so soft and supportive simultaneously!

Couch thumb29
Used by many kids copy 2 Used by: two kids, ages 11 and 14
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