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Furniture has never been this fun.

"Furniture you won't actually mind them playing around with."

"The product no doubt seems made for playroom paradise."

"Rather than throw your back out hauling that bunk bed to the bonus room, get a Nugget."

Four pieces, a million possibilities.

With four separate foam pieces that can be easily re-arranged to create castles, spaceships, caves and more, the Nugget is an endless source of creative play and indoor activity. A couch has never gone on this many adventures.

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Don't just take it from us.

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average score from 713 ratings
  • Dylan B.

    You’ve changed the way children play and enjoy life with a simple yet very constructive product. Seriously, thank you.

  • Kelly M.

    Kids love it! We love the versatility of it- being able to move it around easily, make it chairs or a fort is fantastic. We would highly recommend it.

  • Arlene Z.

    My toddler and husband have been building and climbing and jumping and laughing like crazy since the day this got here.

  • Susan M.

    Just what three rambunctious little boys need!!! Service was quick and we were kept updated about the arrival. Thank you nugget!

Rubiks couch

With the Nugget, a little imagination goes a long way.
From a place to sit…

… to a place to play.

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30-day trial

We don’t just sit on our Nuggets, we stand behind them. If you’re not enjoying yours after 30 days, we promise your money back.

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free shipping

Free means 100% free. $0. Within the contiguous U.S., you don’t pay anything extra for an orange box to land on your doorstep.

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under one roof

When you contact us, you’re not talking to a customer service center across the country. You’ll hear from a Nugget team member who has packed Nuggets, picked out colors, or even wrote this blurb!

Join the fantastic fort fest.

Also known as the slam-dunk slumber party, the majestic magic carpet ride, or the precarious pirate ship escapade (among other things).

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Last updated July 26, 2016

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