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Furniture has never been this fun.

Better than bean bags and futons, by leaps and bounds.

It's as easy to move as a bean bag, and it's a fully functional piece of furniture, like a futon. But Nugget is a new beast — lighter, sturdier, and more animated than its ancestors.

Bounds monster

Infinite positions.

Move the pieces and find your perfect position, over and over again. Want a hammock? Slip the pillows under the mattress. A bed? Swipe them away. A soccer goal? Just not near the fish tank.

The most portable couch ever.

Nugget's four lightweight pieces aren't stuck together, so you can pick it up and plop it down wherever you want — from the bonus room, to the bedroom, to the tree house.

A magical mix of soft and strong.

No hinges to break, no slats to jab your back, no beans to spill out. Just our special blend of open-cell foam for strong but flexible support. It's durable for hard play, and comfortable for taking plays off.

A couch in a box.

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We don't just sit on Nugget.

We stand behind it.

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Privacy Policy

Last updated July 26, 2016

We have fun working at Nugget because for customers, e-commerce is a super convenient way to buy a couch. It should be super safe and secure too. We don't collect or store your personal information without telling you, nor do we sell information to any other companies.

There are just two situations in which we do ask for your information: during newsletter signup and during checkout. If you do provide your email to be added to our newsletter, we will keep your email address on file. During checkout we will collect credit card information for processing, but none of that information is stored post-purchase. Your purchases are conducted through a secure SSL certified Stripe-powered checkout.

If you email us directly at or any other email address, you will not be automatically added to any newsletter or email subscription without your consent. No one enjoys spam, so we don't send any your way.