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Privacy Policy

Last updated July 26, 2016

We have fun working at Nugget because for customers, e-commerce is a super convenient way to buy a couch. It should be super safe and secure too. We don't collect or store your personal information without telling you, nor do we sell information to any other companies.

There are just two situations in which we do ask for your information: during newsletter signup and during checkout. If you do provide your email to be added to our newsletter, we will keep your email address on file. During checkout we will collect credit card information for processing, but none of that information is stored post-purchase. Your purchases are conducted through a secure SSL certified Stripe-powered checkout.

If you email us directly at or any other email address, you will not be automatically added to any newsletter or email subscription without your consent. No one enjoys spam, so we don't send any your way.

Nugget is full of surprises thanks to a surprisingly simple twist:

None of the four
pieces are attached.

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Lots of eyes monster

 o it can be anything you want it to be,
just by re-arranging some pillows.

So it can be anything you want it to be, just by re-arranging some pillows.

Shop config throne Throne
Shop config hammock Hammock
Shop config bed Bed
Shop config half hammock Half Hammock
Shop config lounger Lounger
Shop config middle pillows Middle Pillows
Shop config stack Stack
Shop config reader Reading Chair

It all works because Nugget is held together by friction alone — not by screws, glues, bolts or bars.

It all works because Nugget is
held together by friction alone —
not by screws, glues, bolts or bars.

Our 100% foam formula
makes it soft and safe — and
flexible enough to bounce
back from anything.

So knock it around — it's unbreakable.

Take it apart and take it anywhere.

Beneath the surface

Pillows (2)

Each equilateral triangle offers an ideal 120 degree recline angle. It’s engineered with medium-density foam that strengthens a soft and cushy pillow to fully support great posture.


High-density, low-firmness foam means a thin cushion that packs a powerful punch. It’s comfy, flexible, and springy, so you don’t sink in and feel stuck. Nugget is a couch, but it’s not for coach potatoes.


Low-density, high-firmness foam delivers stable structure for book reading and fort-building. It’s strong enough to hold jumping teens, and light enough to be held up by a 6-year-old.


Microsuede is a wonder. Soft as a baby’s bottom, smooth as butter, and strong as an ox. Something so cuddly has never been so durable – especially because it can be spot cleaned.

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The Nugget

Four pieces, endless potential

The Nugget is made up of four pieces total: a base, a mattress, and two pillows.

Details couch2
Full Couch Dimensions

Goes anywhere: under things and between things and from one place to another.

  • Length: 66"
  • Depth: 33"
  • Seat Depth: 18"
  • Height: 22.25"
  • Seat Height: 8.75"
  • Total weight: 27 lbs.
  • Base: 12 lbs.
  • Mattress: 9 lbs.
  • Pillows (each): 3 lbs.
Nugget angle couch diagram
Folded Storage
  • Fits in your closet or car, as long as you don't drive a convertible.
  • Strong, sewn-on handles help you get it around.
  • Base: 33" x 33" x 11" plus carrying handle
  • Mattress: 33" x 33" x 6.5" plus carrying handle
  • Pillows: Equilateral triangles with 16" sides, 21.5" long
Nugget angle couch diagram2

Nuggets are compressed, rolled up, and shipped in one compact box (15" x 16" x 34").
See what it's like to open one up.

Ships FREE to everywhere in the contiguous U.S., and arrives in 1-5 days. 

Nugget box measurements
Assembly & Disassembly

As close to effortless as things in real life can get. Flop out the base, plop down the mattress, and top them with pillows. Then hop on.

Nugget assembly diagram

Designed 100% by the Nugget team, and made one-at-a-time in Durham, North Carolina at Nugget HQ.

Materials come from Holly Springs, NC, Mr. Airy, NC, and High Point, NC.


A harmony of open cell foams to achieve that elusive "just right" feel.

  • 1.8lb/ft3 foam, rated at 34 Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) units, for flexible comfort
  • 1.5 lb/ft3 foam, rated at 44 ILD units, for soft support
  • 1.4 lb/ft3 foam, rated at 60 ILD units for lightweight strength
30-Day Trial and Returns

If anything’s a see-it-to-believe-it product, it’s the Nugget. That’s why we give you 30 days to try it out, so you can be as confident in your purchase as we are in the quality of the product.

For 30 days, see for yourself how fun, how versatile and portable and durable, and how extremely supportive and cozy it is. And if it doesn’t meet your expectations for any reason, return it for free.

The trial period applies to every purchase of a single Nugget, not to multi-packs. And we’ll always accept returns of products with manufacturing defects, even beyond the 30 days.

We make them one-at-a-time and manufacturing defects don’t really happen. But just in case, we have this policy in place for you. So rest easy.


Washable fabrics: we recommend spot cleaning, and just about any carpet or upholstery cleaner will do the job.

Fits twin bed sheets


Featured Reviews

Charles M. Chapel Hill, NC

Our media room rocks six Nuggets! Great product. My son reconfigures them all the time. They are part furniture, part play apparatus.

Couch thumb16
Used by many kids copy 2 Used by: whole family
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Saleem R. Durham, NC

Nugget is an insane slam dunk. Nugget as a stage, Nugget as a slide, just a couple of the gazillion absurd uses I come home to. And the mail truck…my son puts the Nugget pieces in formation and gets some mail and throws it in the air yelling that he’s making deliveries. Yeah, about once a week.

Couch thumb3
Used by 1 kid Used by: one kid, age 3
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free & fast u.s. shipping

We ship Nuggets all over the contiguous U.S. —
always within 24 hours of being ordered.

And it's 100% free.

5,500 different flavors

With 10 different color choices across
four pieces, there are literally thousands
of ways to decorate your Nugget.

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