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Like most kids, David Baron and Ryan Cocca were regularly told, “that’s not a toy” growing up. And like most kids, they didn’t let that get in the way. They made toys out of the world around them, from river rafts that were re-imagined as pirate ships to appliance boxes that transformed them into full-size robots.

They wouldn’t meet until college, where the sight of dumpsters stacked high with cheap, thrown-away futons on move-out day inspired David to make something better — a couch that ditched the screws, bolts, and bars that made standard futons so painful, in favor of four smooth, separate foam pieces. Sensing that his friend was onto something big, Ryan hopped on board to handle photos, illustrations and design the website. They would then face the biggest decision of all — what do we name this thing? — and settle, eventually, on “Nugget.” A fun, bouncy-sounding name that matched the spirit of the new product. A company was born.

They released it out into the world, and people liked it. Actually, people really liked it: the foam “Nugget” couch ended up being a Kickstarter Staff Pick and raising $84,000 — more than four times their goal. Customers were happy, and David and Ryan were happy (and tired). But they also noticed something: the Nugget, while great for all types of people from college students to late-night-oil-burners at startups, was, at its heart, a product for kids.

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David and Ryan had no kids of their own, but they had been kids, after all, and pretty rambunctious ones at that. They realized what Nugget’s mission would be: making the kind of toys and furniture that they wish they’d had when they were kids. With highly complex user data and market research like Where The Wild Things Are, The Adventures of Tintin, and The Lorax in hand, they got to work making Nugget the best kids company it could be: David designing a supply chain and shipping operation that would run smoothly and on-schedule, and Ryan building out the website and creative materials that would introduce the product to its potential customers. Two years and thousands of customers later, they’re happy that in households all over, kids have a piece of furniture all their own, something that, even the strictest parents would agree, IS a toy.


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Last updated July 26, 2016

We have fun working at Nugget because for customers, e-commerce is a super convenient way to buy a couch. It should be super safe and secure too. We don't collect or store your personal information without telling you, nor do we sell information to any other companies.

There are just two situations in which we do ask for your information: during newsletter signup and during checkout. If you do provide your email to be added to our newsletter, we will keep your email address on file. During checkout we will collect credit card information for processing, but none of that information is stored post-purchase. Your purchases are conducted through a secure SSL certified Stripe-powered checkout.

If you email us directly at or any other email address, you will not be automatically added to any newsletter or email subscription without your consent. No one enjoys spam, so we don't send any your way.